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Operations Status

Known Performance Issues:

ABPO - There are problems yet to be determined preventing remote calibration of the STS-2 seismometer.

ASCN – Streams from the KS-54000-Z are non-seismic.

COCO – The KS54000 is not operational.

DGAR – The response of the STS1-N is anomalous.

JTS – The STS1-Z and STS1-N are noisy.  The STS-1E is nonseismic.

KAPI – The KS-54000 horizontal elements are exhibiting tilt-like events. All channels from the KS-54000 are showing infrequent periods of offsets.

MBAR - The horizontal channels from the KS54000 are noisy.

MSVF - The station is down due to faulty LAN extenders between the digitizers and station computers.  Replacement LAN extenders have been ordered.

NIL – KS-54000 Z’s response is anomalous following flooding in spring 2013. The station is currently experiencing intermittent power outages.

NNA - There are problems with the E300 preventing remote calibration of the STS-1s.

NRIL – EME wishes to delay upgrade until the station can be relocated.

OBN - The STS1-N is very noisy.

PALK - All channels from the Episensor strong motion sensor are non-seismic starting day 2017,321.  The palk-00 digitizer is not responding to calibration commands.

PFO – The STS1-N is very noisy.

RPN - The STS1-E sensor is not calibrating correctly. The centering motors for the STS1-N and STS1-E sensors have failed.  

TLY - The station is down since 2015,360 due to power problems.

UOSS - The uoss00 digitizer has failed and needs to be replaced.  

WRAB - There is excessive background noise on the vertical channels from the KS54000 seismometer since day 2017,329-15:33.