Recent Maintenance – BORK

BORK operational status:


The STS-6 connected to the BORK-00 Q330 failed around day 2024,135-21:44.  The BORK-10 Q330 (STS-5 connected) has excessive reboots since day 2023,343.  Instructions to swap cables for the STS-5 to the BORK-00 are being prepared to send the station operator.


IDA engineers visited the station and replaced the BORK-10 Q330 and faulty STS-6 on the BORK-00 Q330 digitizer. The horizontal channels from the newly installed STS-6 are showing long period pulses, even after the station operator cycled power to the sensor and Q330 and the sensor was recentered.


The station operator visited the station and installed a new Aux box, term box, and ADSL DC converter.


The station operator visited the station and installed MCG surge protection.


The BORK10 Q330 was frequently rebooting since late 2019. On 11/24/2020, the Q330 cabling was swapped to BORK00 Q330 and then that Q330 was reconfigured as BORK10. No Q330 reboots since swap.


The station operator visited the station and replaced the station computers on day 2020,295-09:00.


The station operator moved the Episensor to the BORK10 Q330 digitizer and powered off the BORK00 digitizer until power issues are resolved and the faulty STS-6 is replaced.


The station is back online after the station operator reconfigured the connections on the Advantech switch and restored power to 4 of the 12VDC ports on the remote power supply.


The station is down as of day 2020,206-09:24 (July24) due to failure of the remote power supply.  IDA engineers are preparing a shipment of power system equipment to restore power at the station.


Data quality for all channels from the STS-6 is poor as of day 2020,162-04:27.  IDA engineers and the sensor manufacturer are investigating this issue.


New IDA station BORK in Borovoye, Kazakhstan installed with a Quanterra Q330 data acquisition system.  Sensors installed include STS-6 and STS-5 borehole seismometers, and an Episensor strong motion detector.