Recent Maintenance – KIV

KIV operational status: 


The station operator installed a second Q330 digitizer, an FBA-23 strong motion sensor, and replaced the CMG-3T seismometer with an STS-2.5 seismometer on day 2017,181 (June 30).


The station was brought down on day 2015,237-08:25 to troubleshoot problems with the CMG-3T seismometer.  All channels from the CMG-3T were nonseismic from day 2015,238-10:58 to 2015,239-09:10 while the CMG-3T was reconfigured.  Data quality improved after the station operator connected the CMG-3T seismometer directly to the Q330 digitizer.


The station operator reports problems with the Guralp CMG-3T seismometer. The sensor will be replaced.


The station operator reports that the GPS problem has been fixed.


The station is acquiring data, however, there are timing problems, and the STS-1 horizontal channels are non-seismic due to faulty motors for tuning the mass positions. The station operator is aware of these problems and continues to work on the station.


The station has been upgraded to a Q330HR system as of day 2013,071-09:14. Sensors include STS-1 and CMG-3T seismometers.


The STS1-NS mass is against the stops so the channel is non-seismic.


The vertical short period channels from the CMG-3T seismometer are seismic again as of about day 144-06:45.


The vertical short period channels from the CMG-3T seismometer are non-seismic (flat-lined) as of about day 119-08:59 for reasons yet to be determined.


The station was down temporarily from day 96-12:31 to day 98-15:24. The station returned to normal operation after a reboot.


Station operator replaced RS232 – RS422 converter, and upgraded the ISP to a SunFire to include a CD writer, and IDA9 data format.


Station up after station operator replaced XCOM, RT432 and RT430 circuit boards in the DAS. Data acquistion resumed 09/20/2004.


Station is down since 08/10/2004 due to lightning strike causing damage to uplink.


New EPROMs installed to correct DSP problem.


Station operating normally.