Operations Status

Known Performance Issues:

ASCN –  The T360-BH sensor is showing high frequency noise due to conditions external to the sensor. The T120 is non-seismic since day 2023,205.

BORK – STS-6 channels showing long period pulses with a period of approximately 53m 41s.

CMLA – The horizontal channels from the STS-6 are showing long period noise.  The “2” components from the STS-5 are showing occasional offsets.

DGAR – The response of the STS1-N is anomalous. The STS-1 horizontals are showing intermittent sensitivity changes, at times reducing to roughly 0.5 of nominal.

ERM – The M2166 sensor is showing long period noise on the vertical channels.

ESK – Calibration results show STS-1N long period high pass filter failed.

JTS – There are frequent pulses on the horizontal channels from the STS-6 and T240 sensors since Oct.2023.

KURK – The STS-6 horizontal channels are noisy.

KWJN – The infrasound and weather station channels are not being emitted due to issues with the QEP.

MSEY – All channels from the T120 are non-seismic since day 2023,365-13:24.

MSVF – Large offset on T120PH data day 2023,343-20:15, data quality deterioriated and BB210 channels non-seismic.

NIL – KS-54000 Z’s response is anomalous following flooding in spring 2013.  KS-54000 channels are nonseismic (bit noise) after faulty Q330 replaced.

NRIL – EME wishes to delay upgrade until the station can be relocated.

OBN – The CMG-3T channels are noisy since March 2020.

RAYN – All channels from the T360 are pulsing and show occasional long period noise. The STS-5 channels are non-seismic since day 2023,171.

SACV – The T360BH channels are noisy. 

WRAB – The T240 horizontal channels are noisy.